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We look for many qualities in the individuals we hire. The people who work with our large quantities of mail must have the ability to pay very close attention to each and every detail. They must move quickly and be ambidextrous and skillful with their hands.

Datapeak is a business with periods of time that are extremely busy and then periods of time that are slow. We are always looking for good people who are available to work our flexible or part time hours and skilled on the production line.

We can train people to run pieces of equipment, but we are looking for the type of employee who takes pride in his work and shows up for work on time. If you are such an individual and are interested in flexible/part time hours, please call. We may have a position for you.

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Current Openings

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Part Time Employees

We are looking for part time employees who are looking for two or three day assignments and are capable of quickly stuffing envelopes and affixing postage stamps.

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Do you have a new project ready for production? Needing to reorder a job we have on file? Do you have an idea you need us to make a reality? Whether you're still sketching on a napkin or have camera-ready art on disk, we can help with the next step.

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